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Detective Pikachu is heading West, and he’s getting his own amiibo

Someone needs to buy me this amiibo please

The Pokémon Company is bringing Detective Pikachu to the West. The Nintendo 3DS exclusive will launch in the U.S. and Europe on March 23.

This will mark the first English-language release of Detective Pikachu, which originally launched in Japan in winter 2016. It makes sense to bring the game, which stars a talking Pikachu and his pre-teen human sidekick as they help out Pokémon in need, stateside right about now: A live-action movie adaptation of the game is currently in production, with Ryan Reynolds to star as Pikachu. (Reynolds will not be voicing Pikachu in the game, however, based on the subtitled trailer above.)

But the best part of all of this news isn’t our chance to adventure with the Pokémon investigator; it’s that, to coincide with the new game release, there will be a super-sized Detective Pikachu amiibo available.

It’s seriously huge. Look at this comparison with the standard, Super Smash Bros.-edition Pikachu to understand just how towering this detective is.

Detective Pikachu amiibo
That’s almost twice the little Pikachu’s size.
The Pokémon Company

The Detective Pikachu amiibo could be life-size and two feet tall, and I would still want to buy two of them. When used with the game, the amiibo will allow players to check out all of the “Pika Prompts,” which are hints that help them find clues, according to The Pokémon Company.

The next level of puzzles.

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