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Watch Day 3 of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ELeague Challengers stage here

Can FaZe Clan bounce back after their massive upset?

A shocking upset is likely all fans will be talking about at the end of the second day of the ELeague Challenger stage. In the day’s second to last match, FaZe Clan, one of the top teams in the world, were routed by Vega Squadron.

For FaZe Clan — which entered this weekend’s competition not just as favorites for the qualifier, but for the subsequent tournament as well — this loss represents the latest in a long line of consistency issues over the last several months. Meanwhile, for Vega Squadron, the upset marks one of their most meaningful victories ever and could serve as a sign that the Russian team is a force to be reckoned with.

Now, with the titans of FaZe Clan two losses away from elimination, day three should see teams with reignited fighting spirits. Day three of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ELeague Challenger stage will be broadcast live from the ELeague Studios in Atlanta, starting at 10:00 a.m. EST. The matches can be seen on the ELeague twitch channel.

Why you should watch

With two days of the Challenger stage left, the field of teams competing for a berth in the ELeague Major: Boston, looks a lot more open. FaZe represented the one team that seemed truly unbeatable and while their roster of veteran players are likely still favored to advance from the Challenger stage, teams may feel that the path to victory is far more clear now than it was just a day ago.

For those teams lucky enough not to have lost yet, day three will also mark their first chance to advance from the Challenger stage. The most interesting of these matchups is Vega Squadron vs. G2 Esports. Both will look to avoid playing on the final day of the tournament and establish themselves as true contenders ahead of the Boston Major.

Meanwhile, teams like Mousesports continue to outperform expectations and will have the chance to advance on Sunday against Cloud9, while Natus Vincere still struggles to prove it deserves to be called a top team, and will have quite a bit to prove against Sprout on day three.


Quantum Bellator Fire vs FaZe Clan

Flash Gaming vs Team EnVy

Misfits vs Space Soldiers

Sprout vs Natus Vincere

Vega Squadron vs G2 Esports

Renegades vs Team Liquid

Flipsid3 Tactics vs Avangar

Mousesports vs Cloud9

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