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Minnesota Vikings’ miracle playoff win recreated in Tecmo Super Bowl

It’s not a moment until it’s a Tecmo Bowl moment
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

This has become an American football tradition: The miracle happens in real life, and then on Monday someone gives you the replay via Tecmo Super Bowl, the NES classic and the granddaddy of simulation sports video gaming.

Here, courtesy of TecmoBowlers, is yesterday’s cathartic finish to the New Orleans Saints-Minnesota Vikings divisional playoff contest. They even get the two Saints defensive backs (cornerback Ken Crawley and safety Marcus Williams) falling down on the play, springing Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs for his delirious scamper into the end zone to save the day as time expired.

Tecmo Super Bowl is a repeatedly modded game (updated rosters, teams, logos and everything are available through, so getting guys into the game who weren’t even alive when it launched in 1991 is no problem. It’s the attention to detail that puts a smile on my face. This still probably took several tries to get right.

The call is play-by-play man Paul Allen alongside analyst Greg Coleman for KFAN-FM of Minneapolis, flagship station of the Vikings Radio Network.

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