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Watch Blizzard’s anime trailer for its new Heroes of the Storm skins

This is how you sell people skins, my friends

A new animated short is here from Blizzard, and it’s designed to get you excited about buying skins in Heroes of the Storm. We are OK with this crass bit of promotion because the animation is pretty wonderful. You can watch it above. You should do that before moving forward.

The wailing guitar, ridiculous camera moves and complete sensory overload that takes place during the two-minute animation seems like it’s kinda making fun of things like Gundam while also treating what makes anime so great with respect. This sort of “joke” takes craft and love, and the short provides both in equal measure.

Blizzard went to a lot of effort to promote its new “Mecha Storm” skins for Diablo’s Tyrael, Warcraft’s Rehgar and StarCraft’s Abathur, and we appreciate that effort.

“If it’s style you’re after, our Mechas are crafted using only the finest, artisanal techniques and the rarest materials,” the official description of the new skins states. “With upgraded visual effects on their abilities and altered voiceover kits, you’ll be so sleek, sophisticated, and intimidating during hostile engagements that even D.Va will be jealous — Hell, we’ve even installed custom Hearthstone animations for Tyrael and Rehgar so you can show off even more flair when you need to make an exit.”

You can read more about the skins and the bundle that will available until Jan. 29 over on Blizzard’s website, but we’re just happy to have such a fun little trailer for the new content. Blizzard needs to do more in this style, this is a good way to get the word out about new content.

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