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Twitch moderators, streamers in League of Legends community hit by apparent hack

‘This is all getting settled right now’

Tyler1 Reddit/Tyler1

Twitch was affected by an apparent hack this past weekend, resulting in the change of stream names for popular League of Legend personalities, including Tyler1, and temporary bans for moderators.

The title of that hacked stream, which can be seen on Gyazo, is vulgar and pornographic in nature, and technically breaks Twitch’s terms of service. The company states that “any content or activity involving pornography, sexual intercourse, or adult services is prohibited,” and titles must not be misleading. There seem to be only a couple of channels hit, but one belonged to Tyler1, a very popular League of Legends streamer who returned to Twitch after Riot Games lifted his nearly two-year ban.

Sloppymayor, a moderator on Tyler’s Twitch page, reported that he was hacked. In a thread on Tyler1’s Reddit page, Sloppymayor said he woke up to a series of messages about the title and notice from Twitch that he was banned.

“This is all getting settled right now,” Sloppymayor wrote. “Tyler won’t get banned for this, Twitch just suspended my account which I’m appealing right now. Tyler should be clean.”

The issue, according to Sloppymayor, was a lack of two-factor authentication on the account. Many of the moderators affected help out with multiple channels, and are keeping an eye on account activity to ensure no one else was compromised.

“All mods have [two-factor authentication] now, so it won’t be a problem again thank god,” Sloppymayor wrote. “I can’t enable mine until twitch unsuspends my account, so hopefully soon.”

Doublelift, another popular League of Legends player, suffered a similar attack. Julia Lee, a moderator tied to Doublelift’s channel, was alerted her account may have been hacked. Lee, who works for Polygon’s sister site The Rift Herald, said she received a ban from Twitch, but was in the process of appealing it. Both Lee and Sloppymayor haven’t said whether Twitch has lifted the ban considering it was the result of a potential hack. IWillDominate, more commonly referred to as IDW, was also hit by the same attack, according to Sloppymayor.

Although the titles were quickly changed, Tyler1 did comment on it during his stream when the attack first occurred.

Polygon has reached out to Twitch for further comment and will update when more information becomes available.

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