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Nintendo Labo: Everything we know

A DIY peripheral for Switch

Nintendo has revealed a unique new accessory line for Switch: Nintendo Labo, a cardboard-based line of kits that allow console owners to create and play with a variety of handmade accessories.

What is Nintendo Labo?

Nintendo Labo is a line of do-it-yourself kits for Switch. It uses cardboard pieces (25 branded sheets are included in each set) to create different, custom-made accessories for the console, from RC cars to robots.

How does Nintendo Labo work?

Players follow a set of instructions on the Switch tablet’s screen to create their Nintendo Labo accessories, which then are attached to the Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Con controllers. From there, they can use the accessories to play software designed to work with what Nintendo calls “Toy-Con” creations.

Nintendo Labo REVEAL

Nintendo just dropped the mic and walked away.

Posted by Polygon on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wait, what’s a Toy-Con?

The Toy-Con, according to Nintendo, are the different projects that players can make with the Labo line. The Toy-Con projects are pre-determined and included in different kits.

RC Car Nintendo

What kinds of Toy-Con projects are there?

At launch, there will be the Variety Kit, which includes five Toy-Con projects to create (two RC cars; one fishing rod; one house; one motorbike; and one piano). There will also be the Robot Kit, which comes with an entire robot suit for players to make.

Each kit comes with one specific piece of software that is compatible with the associated Toy-Con creations. Each Toy-Con has its own minigame-like mode that offers several styles of play.

What kinds of minigames can I play with these Toy-Con?

Numerous. The RC cars support multiplayer wrestling, for example; the motorbike has a mode akin to Mario Kart; the Toy-Con house is the most packed, with several discrete experiences baked into it, ranging from a simple cart race to bowling. The piano is the most impressive of all, though; you can actually create your own songs with the 13-key instrument.

The Robot Kit, meanwhile, has a handful of modes, like one for competitive battles, one that let’s you stomp around a city to destroy things to your heart’s content, and even something mysteriously called “Calories” mode.

What if I need to replace my Toy-Con templates?

Nintendo has not officially commented on whether it will sell replacement Toy-Con pieces. But owners should also be able to tape the pieces back together as they need to; Nintendo even has pretty masking tape it will sell at launch.

Can I customize my Toy-Con?

Yes! Even though the actual cardboard design patterns themselves are pre-made, Nintendo will sell a customization set that includes two stencil sheets, two rolls of tape and two sticker sheets, so that players can make their Toy-Con truly their own.

You can even make your own Toy-Con to play with, which is especially rad.

How do I make my own Toy-Con?

A feature included within both the Variety Kit and Robot Kit software allows you to try some basic-level programming and create original projects and minigames. It’s called Toy-Con Garage, and it allows you to take any old piece of cardboard, connect it to a Joy-Con and get it to do pretty much anything you want. It’s a neat way of getting a lot more life out of what may seem like a limited array of Toy-Con projects in the initial Variety Kit package.

How much do these Nintendo Labo kits cost?

The Variety Kit will cost $69.99 at launch. The Robot Kit will cost $79.99.

When does the Nintendo Labo line launch?

Both kits will be available for purchase on April 20, 2018, as will the customization set.