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Nintendo Labo tweets are extremely good

Thank you, Twitter

Nintendo Labo - man and boy build robot suit backpack Nintendo

Nintendo Labo is a line of create-your-own cardboard accessories for Switch, and it’s launching on April 20.

The various Labo projects look really cool, especially for parents with young children who love to build things. But Nintendo is, in essence, selling us several pieces of extremely expensive cardboard.

You better believe Twitter is having a field day with this. Below are some of our favorite jokes.

“Kaz Hirai” played off the Labo reveal to dunk on Nintendo’s questionable Switch voice chat set-up. (Note: This is, obviously, from the very good parody account based off the Sony CEO.)

Both Drake and Shigeru Miyamoto have strong feelings about loot boxes ... and, of course, cardboard boxes.

Who knew these guys had so much in common?

If you’re a cat owner — or even if you’re not — this tweet is immediately resonant. Cats love boxes. Our damn cats are definitely going to love the Labo.

Now let’s take a hard left turn into some political humor. Your mileage may vary, but I think the consensus is that this is a very good joke.

Back to the straight comedy. The Simpsons is an eternal fountain of very good joke material. (Let me once again plug “Steamed Hams.”) People have dug into the backlog and pulled out some Labo content.

This one hurts, y’all. (Keep that Mother 3 hope alive.)

This Wii dig also hurts, but at the same time ... it’s perfect.

I’ll end things with this last tweet for now. This is Nintendo in a nutshell: always marching to its own beat, charting its own course through these waters.

If you see some other very good ones for me to add, please leave them in the comments below.

Nintendo Labo REVEAL

Nintendo just dropped the mic and walked away.

Posted by Polygon on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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