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Nintendo Labo reveal teased a lot of unannounced Toy-Cons

Where’s that camera? What about the shotgun?


The debut trailer for Nintendo Labo, a collection of Switch accessories that players create and customize their own cardboard peripherals, showed off a ton of cool contraptions to look forward to when it launches on April 20. But as excited as we are to build our own robot suits on day one, there are several projects shown off that aren’t included in the first wave of kits.

Take a look below at some of the Toy-Cons, as they’re called, that we can look forward to as the Labo line continues to grow.

This face-planting person

nintendo labo face-planting guy Nintendo

We’re all this little cardboard person, I think: We carry the weight of the world on our backs, trying every day not to topple over. Sometimes, we succeed; sometimes, we fail. Sadly, it looks like the whole point of this game is to knock our friend over, but so it goes.

A flappy bird

nintendo labo bird

Some people think this is a chicken. I disagree; it looks more like a dove to me. Whatever it is, we can’t play with it yet, but we want to.

A steering wheel and gas pedal

nintendo labo steering wheel

Could this be a race car? Either way, this setup looks excitingly complex.

An old-school camera

nintendo labo camera

Parents will get to teach their kids about the good ol’ days, when we had these things called “landline” phones and our cameras were separate devices. (Also, please let this portend Pokémon Snap’s return.)

A kick pedal for a drum set

BEST nintendo labo kick pedal gif Nintendo

Again: an elaborate kit. We’ve only seen the kick pedal, but perhaps there’s also a drum kit included. Could this be a hint toward an upcoming Switch Music?

A shotgun?

nintendo labo shotgun

Parents will also get to teach their kids about gun safety.

A flight stick

nintendo labo joystick

This joystick would be wonderful for some kind of Star Fox-esque flying game.

I cannot begin to guess what this is

nintendo labo toy-con thing

Seriously — any guesses? I’m thinking it could be some sort of ... accordion? A water wheel? I am honestly stumped.

Some arm-lever-type ... thing

nintendo labo lever

This seems like a more basic machine part, which suggests a world of opportunity for the future of Nintendo Labo. The same can be said for the other seven projects we’ll have to wait a while to get our hands on.

The next level of puzzles.

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