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Justice League Blu-ray comes with one deleted scene, giving Zack Snyder fans hope

But you’ll have to buy it from Walmart

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Justice League, also featuring the Batmobile Warner Bros. Pictures

Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s Justice League will be available to purchase on home video this March, and the Blu-ray release contains one bonus feature that may give Snyder fans a little bit of hope.

For months, Snyder devotees have theorized about and demanded a second release of Justice League that was more in-tuned to Snyder’s vision. Complaints from that community included that Whedon ruined the movie by taking away from the characters, and tried to turn the DC Cinematic Universe into something it wasn’t. These complaints led to fans tracking down people who worked on the film to ask whether or not a “Snyder cut” of Justice League existed.

ScreenCrush reports that Warner Bros.’ will release one deleted scene that will be exclusive to a specific Blu-ray edition of the movie, and that version of the Blu-ray will be exclusive to Walmart locations. That means if you want to see a scene that was possibly crafted by Snyder, you better hurry up to your nearest Walmart location. Or, you know, wait until it appears on YouTube a couple of days later.

There is a chance that the deleted scene is one of Whedon’s, but ScreenCrush reports that it’s more than likely Snyder’s from earlier filming sessions. There’s still some hope from this reporter, however, that the deleted footage will be of Henry Cavill’s stylin’ mustache he sported in reshoots on the film that had to be removed during post-production editing. A girl can hope, right?

Justice League’s DVD and Blu-ray edition will be available to purchase on March 13.

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