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Watch new footage of Platinum’s Granblue Fantasy action-RPG

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link looks great in motion

Publisher Cygames and developer PlatinumGames announced in summer 2016 that they were working on an action role-playing game based on Granblue Fantasy, the popular mobile fantasy RPG, for PlayStation 4. Today, we get a very good look at that game, Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link, in action.

Cygames released a new gameplay video that starts off slowly — there’s a good two minutes of Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link’s main character just strolling around a colorful village. But then the action picks up, and PlatinumGames’ character-action pedigree shows through.

According to the trailer’s official description that action is “a battle sequence in which the characters Katalina, Io, Percival and Rackam each make use of electrifying special abilities culminating in a Chain Burst attack.” It looks nice.

Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link doesn’t have a release date (or a final name). But considering Granblue Fantasy’s popularity — the mobile game has been downloaded 18 million times — and renewed interest in Platinum’s work (e.g. Nier: Automata, Bayonetta 3), it will probably find a wide audience whenever it does arrive.

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