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How to buy Nintendo Labo kits at a discount and the best games deals of the week

You can order these cool Nintendo peripherals for cheap with the Best Buy Gamer’s Club Unlocked

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In case you didn’t hear, Nintendo announced a new interactive gaming product earlier this week. With Labo’s set of cardboard components, you can turn your Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Con a player piano, RC cars and, oh yeah, a virtual kaiju. It’s pretty wild and, just as wildly, you can already pre-order it at a discount. With the Best Buy Gamer’s Club Unlocked, which costs $30 for a two-year membership, you can pre-order these Labo kits and save $14 on the variety kit and $16 on the robot kit. That’s the same amount you’re saving on the Labo kits, essentially giving you free access to double Best Buy points, 20 percent off of new games and a host of other perks. Go get it and when April comes around, turn your home into a digital robot punching ground.

This Labo deal isn’t the only great deal available this week. The Evil Within 2 is marked down to just $29.99, even after the deal of the day on it ended. Newegg is also running a sale that is cutting prices on some great games, like Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and Fallout 4, by as much as 40 percent with the promo code EMCXEEE57.


  • Nintendo Labo Variety Kit at Best Buy for $55.99 with Gamer’s Club Unlocked (usually $69.99 and currently available for pre-order).
  • Nintendo Labo Robot Kit at Best Buy for $63.99 with Gamer’s Club Unlocked (usually $79.99 and currently available for pre-order).
  • A two-year membership to Gamer’s Club Unlocked is currently available at Best Buy for $30. The savings with the membership on the Labo kits is $30, essentially giving access to 20 percent discounts on new games, points rewards and other perks for free. If you want to get your hands on Labo kits, there’s no reason not to do it with the Gamer’s Club Unlocked.




While we usually bring you the best gaming deals each week, there are a few non-sale products we’re really into right now. Here’s what the commerce team is loving this week.

  • The Overwatch League is here and the inaugural event was a pretty rousing success. A comeback win for the Seoul Dynasty over the Dallas Fuel headlined the first night of play. It’s a great watch and if you’re in Los Angeles, or you don’t mind making the trip there, you should get some tickets to watch a few Stage 1 matches live.
  • If you’ve only heard one thing about Cuphead, it’s probably that it looks phenomenal. There really hasn’t been a game that pays homage to early-century cartoons the way Cuphead does and an artist on Etsy is making wood carvings of Cuphead himself inspired by the game’s black-and-white mode. The carvings live up the the very high aesthetic bar set by the game.

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