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Popular streamer Dr Disrespect will return to Twitch in early February

The Doctor is in

Dr. DisRespect streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Dr. DisRespect
Twitch/Dr. DisResepct

Dr DisRespect is planning his return to Twitch on Feb. 5, close to two months after announcing his break from the platform.

Dr DisRespect is a personality known for his ridiculous getup and being named the Trending Gamer in 2017 at The Game Awards in December. He had built an audience by streaming games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds and H1Z1, drawing as many as 30,000 viewers on a regular basis. In December 2017, Dr DisRespect announced he would leave Twitch to focus on his family and marriage, after revealing he’d had an extra-marital affair. In that statement, he apologized to viewers and promised to better himself.

“I just wanted to let you guys know that, and I apologize to you guys,” Dr DisRespect said. “I apologize to you guys, my sponsors and Twitch. This is not who I am. This is not what I represent.”

Dr DisRespect announced his return last night in a two-minute redemption-style video on Twitter wherein he acknowledged that he messed up before, but was ready to make his comeback.

“I didn’t think I was going to make it out alive, but I did,” Dr DisRespect says in the video. “Ladies and gentlemen, the Doc is coming back. Stronger, faster, buffer, more dominant than ever. We formed a new club; I call it the Champions Club. Doc 2.0. Coming soon.”

The video ends with a date, Feb. 5., which seems to signify when he’s going to debut the new version of himself and return to Twitch.

Polygon will follow the story’s development and update if more information becomes available. Like many of you, we’ll also be tuning in on Feb. 5 to see Dr DisRespect’s much anticipated return.

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