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How to win at PUBG without firing a single shot

A pacifist win is possible, just sort of a crap shoot

You can win a round of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds without firing a single shot. It’s actually fairly difficult, and requires a decent amount of luck.

A pacifist run of Battlegrounds is complicated by the game’s diminishing blue circle. The longer that a round goes on, the smaller the playing area becomes and players stuck on the outside slowly take damage over time. In the final moments, that circle is only 50 meters across before it collapses down to nothing.

But, since the final circle can exist basically anywhere on the map, it’s possible that the last two or three players might never see each other. In that case, the player with the most health left is declared the winner.

One of the earliest videos I could find of a pacifist win comes from last May, when a YouTuber with the handle KurtJMac won his chicken dinner while crawling through the grass in broad daylight. It took more than 40 minutes of hide and seek, but he pulled it off. That video is embedded above.

Another interesting example of a bloodless win was posted on Reddit just yesterday. User TWPMercury was well stocked with medical supplies when they wedged their character inside a nook in a cliff face. Facing the onrushing blue circle, they were totally obscured from other players.

To make sure their health was the highest when time ran out, you can see how TWPMercury purposefully injured themselves just enough to be able to use medical kit, the game’s most powerful healing item. With just seconds to spare, they boosted themselves further with a first aid kit.

If you’ve got a favorite pacifist win, either your own or a video of one you’ve found in the wild, drop it in the comments below.

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