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Enjoy this H.P. Lovecraft poem sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’

Prepare for a wonderful journey

Billy Joel Performs At Moda Center Photo by Jackie Butler/Getty Images

The work of H.P. Lovecraft led to the creation of the Cthulhu Mythos, a series of non-fiction stories about nameless, ageless beings of pure power and hatred. Some claim that the work is fantasy, but they did not stand with me in the dark library, speaking the dreaded words of He With All Those Apostrophes In His Name For Some Reason.

Also, one of Lovecraft’s poems is remarkably close in rhythm to a Billy Joel song.

Which is how we got the following recording, which is one of the best things ever released in the history of man, or at least in this portion of our small, dust-like influence on this globe of cold rock as it flies in space, ignorant of our very existence. Waiting to be plucked from the obscurity of existence from the slumbering gods whose name we dare not speak. Listening to Billy Joel.

We apparently have Birth Movies Death to thank for this amazing piece of art, and there are more!

Life is wonderful.

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