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One of the rarest Wii U games is coming to Switch

Of course we’re talking about Hello Kitty Kruisers

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One of the rarest and most expensive Wii U games is coming to Nintendo Switch: Hello Kitty Kruisers. For Wii U game collectors, this spring 2018 Switch re-release may drudge up old memories of trying to purchase the elusive title.

Hello Kitty Kruisers is a multiplayer racing game starring Kitty and several of her friends, like My Melody, Badtz-Maru and Keroppi, who drive a variety of karts in a variety of outfits. The whole thing looks very Diddy Kong Racing-esque. Unfortunately, it does not look as cute as it sounds, and I’m a huge Sanrio fan. Those character models just aren’t doing it for me. (Also, where’s Pochacco? Where’s Gudetama?) In fairness, it was originally an iOS game ... but with the Sanrio name comes high expectations.

Despite the few reviews out there for the 2014 Wii U version of Kruisers suggesting it’s not much to write home about (a more positive take said it was “not the worst game I’ve ever played”), the game has become a pricy collector’s item in the years since it was released.

GameStop currently has the original Kruisers on sale for $79.99 used. Sellers list new copies of the game for as much as $277 on eBay; the lowest price on the marketplace for the game right now is $60. Needless to say, the game didn’t cost anywhere near as much when it first launched, and it’s even available on the Wii U eShop digitally for $19.99.

But like certain other poorly received, limited-audience titles, Kruisers apparently exists in limited numbers. That’s driven up the price of the game, to the point where sites like Price Charting list it high among the most expensive Wii U games out there.

There will be both physical and digital editions of the Switch version of Hello Kitty Kruisers, so perhaps it, too, will become a completionist’s holy grail some day.

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