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Michael B. Jordan hopes to rectify Fantastic Four mistakes with Black Panther

Fantastic what?

Michael B Jordan in Black Panther Marvel Studios

Black Panther is poised to be one of Marvel Studios’ biggest movies, and it may just help Michael B. Jordan fans forget about 2015’s Fantastic Four.

Jordan, who plays the power hungry villain Killmonger, opposite Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa in the film, told ScreenRant that despite the terrible reception Fantastic Four received, he didn’t hesitate to get involved with another superhero movie. Jordan said he’s a longtime comic book fan, and the opportunity to reconnect with director Ryan Coogler (the two first worked together on the criminally underrated Fruitvale Station) sold him on the decision.

Trying to rectify his superhero movie past with Black Panther is just an added bonus.

“I looked at it as another shot to get it right, to do it again, and especially teaming up with [Director of Photography] Rachel [Morrison] again and Ryan, it’s a very comfortable space with me,” Jordan told ScreenRant. “It’s the perfect space for me to take another risk like this, so it was no hesitation on my part.”

Despite Jordan’s involvement in Fantastic Four, which has a 9 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was described as “laughably cheesy, bordering on Zardoz levels of simplicity,” he’s led a very successful career. The actor, who got his big break in Chronicle, starred in the Rocky spin-off Creed and will star in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 adaptation.

His role as Erik Killmonger marks his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though the Fantastic Four are Marvel Comics characters — the Fantastic Four films were produced by 20th Century Fox.

Black Panther will be released on Feb. 16.

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