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Dragon Ball FighterZ’s graphics settings give the game a retro vibe

Turn it down and take yourself back to 2001

Arc System Works/Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball FighterZ launched yesterday and already players have found a cool feature, on the PC version only, which gives the game a throwback feel to match the turn-of-the-century nostalgia for the anime series.

As noticed first by Pixelbuster on Twitter, later tested to great effect by Kotaku, turning all of the game’s graphical options to their lowest performance settings gives the fighter the look of a Game Boy Advance game.

The key, Kotaku notes, is the resolution scaling. Driven all the way to the minimum, it gives Dragon Ball FighterZ a super-pixelated look.

The game’s recommended PC specifications are rather modest considering the eye-catching visuals it delivers. So it’s not like people had to turn to this to keep from smoking an everyday PC rig. In fact, figuratively speaking its graphics wouldn’t smoke a rig from 35 years ago. Pixelbuster noted that the resolution can even go down to 320 by 200. But at that setting, it’s not so hot:

It isn’t an Easter egg or an official feature, per se, but it’s in character with a game that has poured on the fan service in the six months leading up to its Friday launch. For more, see our review-in-progress.

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