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8-bit Link in dominoes took four hours to build, 55 seconds to knock down

Plus seven other game mosaics using tens of thousands of dominoes

This reminds me of the sand mandalas made by Tibetan monks, painstakingly built, then destroyed to acknowledge the ephemerality of the world and all in it. Where were we? Oh yes, this construction of 8-bit Link from The Legend of Zelda comprises 21,981 dominoes, and watching them tumble down is a serene way to start Sunday.

This (seen via LikeCool) is the work of The Domino King, and if you like what you see, the King’s channel is stacked with all kinds of homages to timely and popular video games. To wit:

Cuphead: 22,734 dominoes

Fallout: 14,260 dominoes

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: 67,507 dominoes

and The Wind Waker: 78,175 dominoes

Super Mario Odyssey: 148,777 dominoes, but that’s not the record.

Undertale Genocide Edition (seriously): 201,025 dominoes.

Of more than 150 videos going back six years, I count about 40 video game-themed domino constructions, with The Domino King ramping up production on that genre beginning about two years ago. I mean, even Asshole Dog from Duck Hunt got made up and knocked down. Appropriately enough, a Zapper starts the first domino.

I get the meditative quality of building these things, and the amusement of watching them go down (the cascading bridge of Tri-Forces in the Link video was really slick). But I bet there’s nothing fun about picking these things up and sorting their colors for the next project.

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