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Monster Hunter: World on Xbox One is having problems with matchmaking

Players blame the lack of a beta on that console

Monster Hunter: World Capcom

Adding to the woes of console players this weekend, Monster Hunter: World’s support team has acknowledged widespread matchmaking problems for the game on Xbox One.

Capcom, through the game’s Twitter channel, told players it was aware of the problem yesterday morning. Xbox’s support Twitter likewise noted the problems this morning.

The problem shows up whenever a player begins a game — they have the option of playing a private or solo session or playing a session where others are visible to them and vice-versa, and they can hunt monsters together. It’s a big part of the game’s appeal. There are some workarounds, such as direct invitations to a private lobby, but that experience is inconvenient and not the same.

Monster Hunter’s subreddit came alive with complaints of matchmaking issues yesterday morning. The discussion then quickly pivoted to the fact Capcom did not conduct a beta test for Monster Hunter: World on Xbox One; the three-day beta in early December was for PlayStation 4 only — and PS4 users have had problems of their own with online services since Friday anyway.

Online multiplayer is a significant component of Monster Hunter: World, which Polygon scored a 9 in our review on Friday. “Overall, the transition between multiplayer quests is seamless,” said our review. “This is clutch, since more players open up the game for more sneaky ways of capturing or killing the monster with traps or bombs that are harder to execute on your own.”

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