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Monster Hunter: World coming to PC in fall 2018

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PC port will trail console versions by more than half a year

Monster Hunter: World

Capcom said that it’s aiming to release the Windows PC version of Monster Hunter: World sometime during “autumn 2018.” Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said the developers is “working hard on” the PC port right now.

While Capcom didn’t provide any more clarity on the release window, this year’s autumnal equinox occurs on Sept. 22, which could mean an eight-month gap between the console versions and the PC version of Monster Hunter: World.

A tweet from the Monster Hunter Twitter account says that the game is being “optimized” for PC, but didn’t provide details on Capcom’s plans for the port.

Monster Hunter: World will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month on Jan. 26. Tsujimoto promised that free updates to Monster Hunter: World, including new monsters, are in development for the game. Capcom previously promised free post-release content in the form of new quests.

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