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Monster Hunter: World’s best kills are the accidental ones

I saw my Rathalos in the snow-covered hills, till the landslide brought it down

Monster Hunter: World is all about slicing up monsters and taking their good bits. Your mileage may vary on that premise (I’m more of a “befriend the monsters” kind of lady), but we can all agree on one thing: Players often manage to pick off these creatures in some neat ways.

The most impressive kills, though, may be the ones that players don’t actually plan or execute themselves. Take the “landslide” death, which more than a few hunters have encountered since World’s beta phases back in December. Now that the game is out, however, we’re treated to several more videos of players accidentally luring some of the early game’s most difficult monsters to their deaths.

Reddit user tyranadin shared what they called their own “incredible” takedown of a Rathalos, one of the more notorious monsters of the campaign’s first dozen hours or so. The video above shows tyranadin’s hunter fleeing from the giant, winged dinosaur toward the edge of a mountain, when a dam suddenly gives way to release a gush of water — which plows right into the Rathalos.

Even a giant monster is no match for a similarly giant waterfall. Once tyranadin safely makes it down from the cliff to see how the Rathalos is doing, they discover that it’s very, very dead.

“I thought stuff like this only happened in cutscenes or demo videos,” wrote tyranadin in their thread, pumping up their kill.

Tyranadin’s footage is definitely cool (and pretty funny), as is that of other players who have managed to unleash a landslide in the nick of time and right onto the Rathalos. I’m still not pro-monster killing — as good as Monster Hunter: World is — but I think I’m on board with the absurdity of the landslide death.

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