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A traveling frog stars in Neko Atsume team’s latest game

And it’s called ... Travel Frog

tabi kaeru Hit-Point

The developer of classic mobile game Neko Atsume has returned with another adorable, potential hit: Tabi Kaeru, otherwise known as “Travel Frog.”

Just like its predecessor, Tabi Kaeru is only available in Japanese right now. It’s a little harder to follow than the stray cat adventures of Neko Atsume, but here’s the gist: A frog (which you name at the game’s start) goes out on regular trips to harvest items that can be exchanged for treats to reward it with.

Before the frog heads on its way, you make sure to prep it for its journey: There are clovers to hand off, which serve as currency; food to put into its tiny backpack; and other accessories that can be purchased in-game. Once the travel frog comes back, it will replenish your stock of all of the above — a nice quid pro quo relationship.

Tabi Kaeru feels a little lonelier than Neko Atsume, though, in that it’s populated just by this single journeyman frog who is gone for hours at a time. There’s not much to do when it’s away; for those who want to devote just a few minutes a day to the game, though, it’s an apt choice.

Studio Hit-Point’s Tabi Kaeru is out on both iOS and Android; again, it’s just in Japanese, so keep that in mind when starting it up.

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