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Super Mario Odyssey players race to get Mario shirtless in 10 minutes

Nipple% is speedrunning at its best

Shirtless Mario in Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo

We already know that Super Mario Odyssey is the new, hot speedrun category. The best subgenre of Odyssey speedrunning is even hotter: It’s all about Mario’s nipples.

Stay with me here. The Nipple% run features players racing to buy Mario’s boxers-only outfit, which notably leaves him shirtless and shoeless. It may be the fastest type of Super Mario Odyssey speedrun out there, requiring players only to make it to the game’s third kingdom, the Sand Kingdom, to complete. (That’s the first place players can buy the coveted shorts.)

After streamer DaddyWalrus bought the boxers in just 24 minutes back in mid-November — the world record, he said — other Mario fans got into this admittedly absurd type of run. They’ve since optimized their playthroughs to unlock those good Mario nipples in just under 10 minutes.

The latest Nipple% world record comes from Stravos96, who’s been regularly streaming his attempts since December. Whether or not you’re into playing Super Mario Odyssey shirtless, it’s impressive to see how quickly it takes players to make it to the third level of the game. (Plus, it only takes 10 minutes of your time to watch, which is a nice plus.)

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