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Nintendo Switch’s green and pink Joy-Cons coming to America

Get your Splatoon on

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con box - Neon Pink and Neon Green Nintendo of America/Twitter via Polygon

The Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con gamepads are already available in a variety of hues, but Switch owners in the U.S. will finally be able to get their hands on last summer’s Neon Green and Neon Pink controllers — by themselves — “later this month,” Nintendo announced today.

Until now, these Joy-Con pads were restricted to the Splatoon 2 Switch bundle, which Nintendo released exclusively at Walmart in September. That only applied for the U.S., though — the green and pink controllers have been sold separately in Europe and Japan for some time now.

American customers have been able to import the Joy-Cons from those regions for upward of $90. That’s about $10 more expensive than the U.S. retail price — a pair of Joy-Cons typically goes for $79.99, while individual units cost $49.99. (Note that the coloring of the stand-alone U.S. controllers is flipped compared to the import models and the Joy-Cons in the Splatoon 2 bundle. That means that customers who own both sets of controllers can go all pink or all green.)

Nintendo has not announced pricing or a concrete release date for the Neon Pink and Neon Green controllers, and has not confirmed whether they’ll be sold separately or only as a pair. We’ve asked the company for details, and we’ll update this article with any information we receive.

Update: The original lead image in this article was a shot of the Neon Green and Pink Joy-Cons from the Splatoon 2 Switch bundle. That’s not representative of the color scheme from the stand-alone U.S. version, where the colors are flipped to have Neon Pink on the left and Neon Green on the right. We’ve replaced the image, and clarified the color scheme in the text, to reflect this.

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