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New Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay trailer shows off heists and other ‘nefarious activities’

Get a look at the new Dead Eye system and first-person view

Rockstar Games released its second gameplay video preview for Red Dead Redemption 2 today, focusing on the sundry experiences and “nefarious activities” players will enjoy as outlaw Arthur Morgan.

While Rockstar’s previous gameplay preview for Red Dead Redemption 2 focused more on the game’s world and characters that players will interact with, today’s is all about what you can do in the Wild West. In the video, Rockstar boasts that players will discover experiences “naturally as you move fluidly from one moment to another.” That runs the gamut from large-scale heists, like train robberies, to smaller, more personal missions.

Arthur can rob coaches and passersby; he can hold up stores, burgle houses, gamble, fish, herd cattle, go drinking and dancing. There are opportunities to gamble, in poker, dominoes and games of five-finger fillet.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Dead Eye system will change over time, Rockstar says, allowing Arthur to slow down time, paint targets on his enemies and spot critical points on NPCs. And, as previously revealed, the game can be played entirely in first-person view, if you’d prefer to nail those headshots with your own steady aim.

For more on the game and its deeply detailed world, read our hands-on impressions of Red Dead Redemption 2 before the game launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Oct. 26.

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