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Super Mario Odyssey’s unused indie rock Rosalina needs her own game

An unused piece of Super Mario Odyssey concept art gives birth to our new princess obsession

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fan art of Rosalina playing the guitar by @Mediamaster_127 Mediamaster_127/Twitter

Amid all of this Peachette and Bowsette talk comes a new Mario princess to fawn over. To be clear, she’s not technically new — but Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey art book, which hit Japanese retail last week, introduces us to a version of intergalactic royal Rosalina that puts a new spin on the character. Guess what? We’re all obsessed with her now.

It’s easy to see why, because Super Mario Odyssey’s proposed take on our girl Rosie is a marked change from her standard regality. Had Rosalina appeared in the Switch game, she would have donned a T-shirt and jeans, according to artwork that spread on social media this weekend. Better yet, Rosalina would have played the acoustic guitar, bangs in her face while she strummed, like a disaffected, grunge-adjacent teen.

Naturally, everyone is jazzed about this new look. We have to ask: Is she repping for an early-’90s riot grrrl group? Perhaps she’s the quietest member of a mid-aughts, all-female pop-punk band. These are questions Nintendo has now invited with this concept art, and it’s very good.

This is also a reminder that Rosalina has always been far from a prissy princess type. Mario Kart 8 sees her in form-fitting racing gear; she’s got shorts and sneakers in Mario Tennis Aces. Perhaps she would have been part of Mayor Pauline’s band in New Donk City with this outfit, but we suppose we’ll never know. At least Twitter has realized our dreams, even if Nintendo won’t.

The Art of Super Mario Odyssey is now available through Japanese sites, including Amazon Japan, for around $50.

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