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Battlefield 5 single-player story trailer travels the world during World War II

DICE gives us an extended look at War Stories

Electronic Arts and DICE revealed more about Battlefield 5’s War Stories, where the game’s single-player campaign will play out, in a new trailer today.

Battlefield 5’s War Stories will follow the anthology format that DICE employed in Battlefield 1, telling stories of the men and women who fought in World War II’s globe-spanning theaters of war. Back in June, DICE revealed the first of those stories, “Nordlys,” which takes place in 1943 during the German occupation of Norway and focuses on a young resistance fighter. In addition to Norway, DICE promised War Stories set in the North African desert and “several other locations.”

The trailer touches on themes common to stories set in war, with a narrator speaking about “what sacrifices we can endure, what choices we can live with.” Battlefield 5’s campaign seems to focus primarily on tales of young soldiers thrown into impossible situations with excruciating decisions to make and long odds of survival, and the ways in which those experiences will bring out a fighting spirit that they didn’t know they had.

In addition to the young woman at the center of in “Nordlys” — who appears to star in a playable skiing section at some point in Battlefield 5 — the trailer shows off a pair of black French-speaking soldiers, a young British soldier in desperate settings such as prison and a storm at sea, and an older man who looks like an officer. Of course, there’s also plenty of the explosive action that the Battlefield series is known for, including action in land, sea and air battles across Europe and North Africa.

Battlefield 5 will be released on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on Nov. 20.

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