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Discord Store now in beta, includes free games for Nitro users

Now you can launch your games right from Discord


Discord officially launched the beta of its new store, which the company announced back in August, in every region today.

The Discord Store is open to all users and has games from a variety of publishers. According to the company, the store is set to focus on providing users less with an endless set of games to choose from and more with a curated library of selections like Celeste, Frostpunk, Into the Breach and Dead Cells. This will go along with a recommendations feature that will help players find out what their friends are playing or what Discord’s own team is interested in. Also coming to the store are a few games that are “First on Discord,” meaning that they’ll be available exclusively on the Discord Store for a certain time.

Discord’s subscription service, Nitro, is also getting an upgrade, as a collection of games will now become free for all Nitro subscribers. This list includes smaller games like This War of Mine, Soma and Inside as well as bigger games that are a little bit older, like Metro: Last Light Redux, Brutal Legend and Psychonauts. Access to this list of around 60 games will be included in the $9.99 monthly cost of Discord Nitro.

Finally, today’s store update adds the new Discord Library, which will allow players to launch all of their games through Discord regardless of where they purchased the game.

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