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Pokémon Go already has fourth-gen region exclusives

You’ll have to travel across the land for these three

art of the Pokémon Pachirisu The Pokémon Company

The fourth generation of Pokémon has started to appear in Pokémon Go, which means there’s a reason to go out into the wild again. Just don’t expect to be able to catch everything currently available from the Sinnoh region without some traveling, because there are already new region-exclusive Pokémon in the wild.

The Silph Road community is crowdsourcing data on which gen-four Pokémon players have found and where, and three stand out as the rarest thus far. Carnivine, Chatot and Pachirisu — inspired by a Venus flytrap, a talking parakeet and a squirrel, respectively — can only be found in specific areas worldwide, according to early reports.

Carnivine has been found in the southeastern United States, which makes sense; Venus flytraps are indigenous to the Carolinas. Florida, Maryland and Georgia are also among the states where the grass-type Pokémon is cropping up.

The most common kind of parakeet is the Australian budgerigar, so it makes sense that Chatot is most readily found in that area. Players throughout the southern hemisphere say they’re catching the human language-speaking Pokémon too; it’s been found in Brazil.

We’re most heartbroken about Pachirisu’s regional exclusivity, however. It’s so close, but so far away — so far, the electric squirrel appears to be a Canadian local. It’s not totally clear as to why that is, especially when we have so many squirrels down here, just across the border. (At least it’s also been found in Alaska, if that helps.)

It’s possible that more exclusives will continue to appear as Niantic rolls out more new Pokémon. Keep your eyes peeled, now that generation four Pokémon have entered the game.

Update: Pachirisu has also been spotted in Russia, so it seems like this Pokémon likes the colder climates.

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