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Players can finally earn an achievement that required five years of not trying

This is the first day of the rest of your life

The Stanley Parable review main 2000 Galactic Cafe

The Stanley Parable can be “finished” in under 30 minutes, but you’ll want to go through the game multiple times to see everything there is to see. The short length of the game does mean, however that many players who bought it on Oct. 17, 2013 — when it launched — and never picked it up again are now eligible for a very special achievement.

The achievement is called “Go outside,” and it requires that the player not touch the game for five years. Davey Wreden, one of the game’s developers, marked the occasion on Twitter today.

Fans are already planning to get devious with the achievement:

And yet others have been waiting for this day for quite some time:

Earning this achievement gets you absolutely nothing of worth, outside of now being able to earn all the game’s achievements, which is itself an achievement that is worth absolutely nothing — outside of boosting your own sense of self-worth.

If it makes you feel better, however, we’re proud of you.