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Obama announced that he doesn’t care about Pokémon, thus ushering in an age of heartbreak

Still, everyone should Pokémon Go to the polls

Barack Obama and a crying Pikachu Hannah Peters/Getty Images and Petrana Radulovic/Polygon

Today, sad news rippled across the nation: Former President Barack Obama revealed that he does not like Pokémon.

For everyone imagining the former commander in chief going on a Pokémon adventure of his own (his starter would probably be a Squirtle, I can say, in my totally official, presidential Pokémon starter voice), gone are those dreams. Because Obama, apparently, doesn’t like the greatest video game franchise of all time.

He revealed this sad news in a very nonchalant way. In an Attn video urging people to vote, Obama tries to dispel many of the common excuses that people give when explaining why they don’t go to the polls. The first? “I don’t like politics.”

“Look,” says Obama, turning to the camera, about to break all our hearts. “I don’t care about Pokémon.” Then he says something about how, like politics, Pokémon isn’t going away, and then continues to urge people to vote, which is definitely important, but reader, I was too heartbroken to continue on.

Others across the nation are shocked by this revelation.

While still heartbroken, some brave souls are putting aside their sadness and continue compelling people to vote. It’s important!

This isn’t the first time an American political figure has revealed their indifference toward Pokémon. During the 2016 presidential campaign, fresh after the release of Pokémon Go, Hillary Clinton declared that she didn’t know who made Pokémon Go, but that she wanted people to “Pokémon Go to the polls!”

While Obama may be indifferent toward Pokémon, he does have a point — it’s never going away. If you are one of the millions of Pokémon fans out there, this doesn’t mean you’re excused from voting. Gear up and get ready to Pokémon Go to the polls.

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