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BattleTech’s expansion will add 30 hours to the game in late November

New details on the upcoming Urban Warfare expansion coming next year

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A Cyclops, left, and a Crab BattleMech open up on the enemy in a new tropical biome in BattleTech from Harebrained Schemes.
A Cyclops, left, and a Crab BattleMech open up on the enemy in a new tropical biome.
Harebrained Schemes/Paradox Interactive
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BattleTech, the excellent, turn-based adaptation of the classic tactical miniatures wargame, is getting a big expansion, Flashpoint. Now that expansion has a release date of Nov. 27.

Developer Harebrained Schemes dropped news of the release date alongside other details on the expansion today, in a short, informative video hosted by game director Mitch Gittelman. Flashpoint will include so-called Flashpoint missions, which are narrative short stories that will organically become available to players inside the game world. Three of those are detailed below:

Extracurricular Activities — The petty squabbling of political rivals takes a deadly turn when civilians are caught in the crossfire. Will you escort them to safety at the risk of your MechWarriors and their ‘Mechs… even if they can’t pay?

Criminal Minds — The routine capture of a criminal syndicate’s warehouse uncovers the resting place of an ancient BattleMech. Will you share this information with your employer or keep the ‘Mech for yourself?

Headhunting — The Zhao twins are a thorn in the side of your employer and it’s time to terminate their command. But when their forces are routed and the siblings flee in two directions you’ll need to choose which commander - and which unique salvage - you’ll pursue.

If players are successful, each Flashpoint will grant them a rare, high-end weapon system. Together, these missions add up to around 30 hours of new content.

The expansion will also include three new ’Mechs. They include the Crab platform, the command-and-control focused Cyclops assault Mech, and the close-quarters brawler known as the Hatchetman. Finally, it will also include a new mission type that emphasises maneuver for fans of medium and light ‘Mechs, as well as a new tropical biome to give maps a bit more diversity.

Finally, publisher Paradox Interactive revealed the game’s roadmap. A second expansion, called Urban Warfare, will drop players into dense metropolitan areas with new BattleMechs and gameplay mechanics. It’s slated for summer 2019 at the moment. A third expansion is also planned, but no details or release window were given.

The $19.99 expansion is available to pre-order at the Paradox online store. Doing so provides a significant discount, bringing the price to $17.99. There’s even a season pass — which includes the base game — for $49.99, marked down to $39.99. Pre-orders are also available through Steam.

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