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Behold: Breath of the Wild’s latest amazing fast-travel trick

Link enters ‘bullet time’ and ends up flying across the land

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is just the game that keeps on giving. More than a year and a half since it launched, players are still finding new ways to break the game to the benefit of both them and us, who watch these clips with wide-eyed wonder.

A Chinese player, who emulated the game on PC, found the latest way to transform Link’s Hylian journey into a high-speed spectacle. A clip of Link slowing down time to jettison himself off a Bokoblin is making the Reddit rounds, and thank goodness for that, because it owns.

How this trick seems to work is that Link hurtles downward, ready to do some shield surfing. Right as he lands on the Bokoblin’s shoulder below him, he whips out his bow and arrow and readies his aim; that slows down time automatically, as it always does. Sheathing the weapon again somehow triggers a reaction that lends Link enough momentum to just ... sail through the air, seemingly indefinitely.

There are tons of examples of players messing with Breath of the Wild’s physics to give Link an in-air boost. This one, though, is perhaps my favorite; maybe it’s because it’s the most recent one I’ve seen, which helps. But it’s also indicative of the longevity of this masterful Nintendo game. Think you’ve seen everything Breath of the Wild has to offer? Nope. And you may never will.

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