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XCOM 2’s Tactical Legacy Pack builds a bridge between the original and its sequel

The pack will be free to PC owners of the War of the Chosen DLC until Dec. 3

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Today Firaxis Games, makers of the rebooted XCOM series, announced XCOM 2: War of the Chosen — Tactical Legacy Pack. The downloadable content, described as a “gift to the fans,” creates a bridge between 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown and 2012’s XCOM 2 as reimagined in 2017’s excellent War of the Chosen expansion. The new DLC will be free to all PC owners of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen until Dec. 3.

Today’s announcement is accompanied by a video preview featuring XCOM creative director Jake Solomon.

“The team and I looked back at the entire series,” Solomon said, including the original games by Julian Gollop, “to find inspiration in creating new game modes, stories, maps, and equipment to remaster for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.”

The lead offering is a new game mode called Legacy Ops, stand-alone missions created to bridge the narrative gap between Firaxis’ original reboot and XCOM 2. They include the following:

Blast from the Past – After the fall of XCOM HQ, Central Officer Bradford begins his journey to build the resistance by returning to where it all began.

It Came from the Sea – The broadcast of a fledgling radio DJ is reaching an audience he didn’t intend. It’s up to Central to save the DJ from an endless horde of hungry listeners.

Avenger Assemble – Join Lily Shen as she works to retrofit the Avenger into a new home for the growing forces of a reinvigorated XCOM.

The Lazarus Project – ADVENT is kidnapping key members of the resistance, and it’s up to Central to rescue some of XCOM’s most renowned operatives.

These will not be traditional missions linked by XCOM’s elaborate base-building and resource management system. Rather, they will be one-off experiences.

In addition to Legacy Ops, the DLC will include additional missions from the Resistance Archives which will increase in difficulty as the player progresses. The expansion will also feature 28 remastered maps from throughout the franchise’s history, new weapons and armor, new character customization options, photobooth flair and an all-new soundtrack “inspired by the music from the original X-COM: UFO Defense.”

The DLC will be available on Oct. 9.

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