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The Sims 4 update will add new career and long-awaited terrain tools

It’s 3D and completely free

EA Maxis
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The first Maxis Monthly livestream took place today, airing a State of the Union for the Sims titles. While there were some announcements for Sims FreePlay and Mobile, like a pregnancy feature and community events, the largest announcement was for the next Sims 4 patch. The next update patch has been delayed past October, but when it launches, it will be a free update adding a new career and terrain tools for build mode.

Style Influencers will allow players to show off their Sims and their carefully designed outfits. Your long hours deciding between jeans and slacks haven’t had a tangible influence in the game before, but as Style Influencers, Sims can have fashion blogs. Sims will start as the humble Rag Reviewer, and can climb the ranks to being a fashion icon.

Style Influencer is a work-from-home career, which means your Sim doesn’t go into the office and become inaccessible for hours a day. While you’re at home, you can make over Sims (NPC or otherwise) in your vicinity. The higher your relationship with that Sim, the more likely they’ll agree to it. If your makeovers are successful, those fashion trends will catch on in your neighborhood.

Just when it seemed like the excitement had died down, the developers opened a whole new control panel to give architecture fans and Sims diehards a glimpse at long-awaited new content: terrain manipulation. Landscapers can now change their property beyond just their houses. The Sims 4 is getting an involved terrain tool, allowing you to build hills, raise terrain and create multi-tiered properties.

Terrain manipulation seems pretty intense, with multiple options to raise, lower, and sculpt terrain. This will certainly give players the ability to shake up their properties. The Sims 4 launched with no ability for players to craft basements, pools, or mountains to perch their manors upon. To this day, although DLC has given us pools and basements, the only place you can build in The Sims 4 is on flat land with an even yard. The upcoming update will change that, adding a whole new element to construction and customization. Developers also briefly built a garage during the stream, implying that we may see cars in a future update.

The last The Sims 4 expansion was Seasons, released in June. Both features will be released in the next content update.