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Let’s talk about Red Dead Redemption 2

We travel to the Old West (sort of) on Polygon’s Quality Control podcast

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Dutch in Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar Games via Polygon

This week on Polygon’s Quality Control podcast, Chris Plante joins Dave Tach to discuss Red Dead Redemption 2, developer Rockstar Games’ often astounding PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game.

In this episode, you’ll hear (a lot) about the good, the bad, and the very, very pretty. Much of the discussion centers around what Chris wrote recently in his Red Dead Redemption 2 review, which begins like this:

Early in Red Dead Redemption 2, I meet a has-been gunslinger crumpled over a grimy bar in a livestock town on the outer fringe of the American West. He goes by Boy Calloway, but the codger’s a long way from that persona geographically, temporally, mentally. Aside Calloway sits his would-be biographer, in need of my services. Unable to squeeze a cogent anecdote from this puckered lemon, the author requests that I locate the living members of Calloway’s crew to gather stories of his former greatness, or strike dead those who would dispute the book’s “authenticity.” The assignment — like much of the game — is optional, but I take it, figuring I’ll meet some legendary cowboys and gunslingers. That’s not quite what happens.

There’s a lot to say. Press play below to hear all about it.

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