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Hellgate: London returns from the dead, to Steam, in November

Troubled action-RPG comes back 11 years later

hellgate: london screen on steam T3Entertainment/Hanbitsoft

Hellgate: London is back on PC, launching on Steam next month almost 11 years after its first release.

Hanbitsoft, the game’s publisher, says that “with the support of many fans” it’s now able to offer Hellgate: London — or, more accurately, the single-player mode of Hellgate: Tokyo’s version 2.0.

The dark fantasy action-RPG got a lot of attention when it launched Oct. 31, 2007. But developer Flagship Studios quickly ran into financial trouble and ultimately was shut down in 2008. Hanbitsoft acquired the game later that year and launched it in South Korea on a free-to-play basis. In 2014, a project called Hellgate Global was approved on Steam Greenlight, but a hosting arrangement ultimately fell through.

Flagship Studios was founded by four Blizzard Entertainment veterans, including David Brevik, the creator of Diablo. Hellgate: London was the studio’s first game and the only one it completed. Hellgate: London featured procedurally generated maps set in and below a London overrun by demons. Critically, the game drew average reviews, praised for its visuals and concept but panned for repetitive play.

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