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Sea of Thieves is getting its next expansion, Shrouded Spoils, in November

There’s an ill wind a-comin’

Rare / Microsoft Studios
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The Devil’s Roar has settled in nicely in Sea of Thieves’ latest expansion pack, Forsaken Shores, but there’s another content update already on the way. In today’s developer update, executive producer Joe Neate shared details on next month’s upcoming expansion: Shrouded Spoils.

Shrouded Spoils will give pirates access to more ship customization, including wheel and cannon cosmetic options. The world will also now be affected by an eerie fog that seriously affects visibility, forcing players to take to their crow’s nest if they want to have a clear voyage.

We can expect Shrouded Spoils to have a campaign of some kind, as well as achievements and likely some kind of new antagonist or challenge. The developers also shared that there will be expanded Pirate Legend content for those who have reached the end-game; with commendations being made specifically for those players.

Since this is such an early look at Shrouded Spoils, there will likely be more details to come, but we can guess that this has been in production for some time. Rare currently has four internal teams who rotate between content; Shrouded Spoils likely went into production some time after The Hungering Deep or Cursed Sails. We likely won’t see Shrouded Spoils open up a new portion of the map, but it should add more danger and variety to the existing regions of the game.

More details on the future of Sea of Thieves’ content will be released on Nov. 10, at X018, Microsoft’s Xbox-focused fan convention in Mexico City. The Rare developers will discuss the content update beyond Shrouded Spoils at the Inside Xbox event, as well hosting a live panel the day after.

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