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Super Mario Odyssey anniversary festival is an easy way to earn coins

Head to New Donk City

Anniversary artwork for Super Mario Odyssey featuring Mario, Peach, Bowser, Pauline and Cappy. Nintendo
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Nintendo is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Super Mario Odyssey with a limited time in-game event: a scavenger hunt for pixel Luigi and Captain Toad. The hunt itself is simple; players just need to ground pound the area around the New Donk City festival to uncover 39 pixel Luigis and Captain Toads.

The upside is that the anniversary event is a very easy way to earn 7,800 coins — almost enough to cover the cost of that game’s new Zombie Mario costume. Each 8-bit Luigi and Toad is worth 200 coins, and they’re all extremely easy to find. Just head to the Metro Kingdom, warp to New Donk City Hall Plaza and run through the Donkey Kong-inspired section.

The festival area itself is flush with Luigi and Captain Toads. See?


Nintendo is also celebrating Super Mario Odyssey’s first birthday in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Players will receive a free Cappy hat in-game.

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