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Red Dead Redemption 2 app buries seeming PC hints

The fervor for this console exclusive to hit desktops keeps growing

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Arthur dual-wielding revolvers Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption 2 is only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One right now, but Rockstar Games fans say they've found a good sign that a Windows PC version could eventually arrive too. The game's mobile companion app seems to hint that PC and perhaps even VR compatibility are in the works.

Rockstar Intel dug into the RDR2 mobile app to find several strings that include words like "PC" and "Oculus." The fan site's post mostly comprises a dense list of code, but they pulled out the relevant bits for readers.

The most interesting parameters are so:

PARAM_FrameLimit - A framelimiter.

PARAM_DX11Use8BitTargets - Probably due to Xbox One.

PARAM_HDStreamingInFlight - Present in GTA V (PC)






It's possible that the PC references are pointing only to a desktop app for the game alongside the iOS and Android ones, although we're not sure what accounts for the Oculus mention. But Rockstar has a habit of burying its own lede when it comes to PC ports. Despite insisting that Grand Theft Auto 5 would be exclusive to consoles, for example, the studio ended up pushing it to PCs after launch.

Maybe we'll see Red Dead on PC somewhere down the line. We've asked Rockstar to confirm. But we're happy with the beautiful game we've got on console for now.

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