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Twin Peaks VR will take us into the Red Room

This time, we’ll be the ones trying to break out of the Black Lodge

Laura and Dale Cooper in the Red Room from Twin Peaks Lynch/Frost Productions

A virtual reality version of TV classic Twin Peaks is in the works for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with series co-creator David Lynch pitching in on development. Collider announced that its gaming arm, Collider Games, is producing the experience, and a special preview of the surprise project is only a week away.

Twin Peaks VR draws on Showtime’s 2017 revival of the 1990s’ two-season wonder, according to Collider. Instead of taking on the role of possessed Agent Dale Cooper, whose true body and soul were trapped in the ominous Red Room of the even more ominous Black Lodge, players will suffer through his same trauma. (All of this will make at least a little more sense to you if you’ve seen Twin Peaks; and if you haven’t, you should probably do that. Especially if you’re here, reading this.)

From what we’re told about the game thus far, the objective of the VR game is to break yourself out of the Red Room to stage your own return to reality. Whether we’ll come back to the town of Twin Peaks in the same broken state as Dale Cooper did in Twin Peaks: The Return, however, is up in the air.

There’s no word on when Twin Peaks VR will be available to the public, but there’s one way to check it out already: Attendees of Festival of Disruption, an event hosted by David Lynch and running Oct. 13-14, will be able to demo the experience. There are still tickets on sale for the fest, if you’re in or near Los Angeles next weekend.

Twin Peaks first aired on ABC between 1990 and 1991, lasting 30 episodes. What started as a murder mystery quickly spun off into a mix of the supernatural, spiritual and psychological, with doses of camp and horror too. A cliffhanger ending had fans cry foul over the series’ initial cancelation; after streaming introduced a new audience to the show, Showtime capitalized on its cultural resurgence and greenlit a sequel miniseries, set 25 years later. Twin Peaks: The Return concluded last fall after 18 episodes and another devastating ending. Please stop asking for another season of it; Twin Peaks is perfect as it is.

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