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Watch the first trailer for MediEvil for PlayStation 4

See how the new MediEvil compares to the 20-year-old PlayStation original

The first trailer for Sony’s remake of PlayStation classic MediEvil is here. See how Sony and developer Other Ocean Interactive are breathing new life into Sir Daniel Fortesque’s adventure for PlayStation 4 in the video above.

MediEvil follows the story of Sir Dan, an unlikely champion who met an unfortunate end on the field of battle,” Shawn Layden, chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, said on the PlayStation Blog. “He receives a chance at redemption when his nemesis, the evil sorcerer Lord Zarok, accidentally resurrects him 100 years after that fateful day. Lord Zarok seeks to conquer the Kingdom of Gallowmere, and only the skeletal Sir Dan stands between Zarok’s army of the undead and the kingdom he swore to protect.”

Sony announced its MediEvil remake at last year’s PlayStation Experience, an event that the company is forgoing this year. While Layden originally pitched the new MediEvil as a remaster, he recently altered his description of the game to say that it would be a full remake based on the original title’s game design and key art. Layden himself worked on the original MediEvil, which was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s now-shuttered Cambridge Studio.

Sony’s Cambridge Studio previously reimagined MediEvil in the form of a PSP release known as MediEvil Resurrection.

MediEvil for PlayStation 4 is due out sometime in 2019.

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