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We talk Return of the Obra Dinn, a classic whodunit

What if Agatha Christie made a video game? And what if she made it on an old-school Mac?

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Return of the Obra Dinn - men carrying long guns Lucas Pope/3909 LLC

This week on Polygon’s Quality Control podcast, senior reporter Colin Campbell stops by to talk about his time spent with Return of the Obra Dinn. The latest effort from Papers, Please! developer Lucas Pope, it’s a bizarre tale with a singular art style that is definitely worth your time.

In Obra Dinn, players take on the role of an insurance agent with mysterious powers. Only by recreating the events that took place on a period sailing ship can they hope to discover the secret of what happened to its crew. In many ways, the game is reminiscent of classic whodunit novels by the likes of Agatha Christie. Colin discusses why that’s so rare — and so important.

Press play below to listen in, and make sure to read our review.

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Music: “Goodwill” by The Custodian of Records

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