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Black Ops 4’s in-game currency, COD Points, are now live on PS4

Unlocking items in the Black Market just got a lot easier

A face paint option available in Black Ops 4’s Black Market
A face paint option available in Black Ops 4’s Black Market.
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been out for a few weeks now, and Treyarch is continuing to roll out the game’s cosmetic options.

Two weeks ago, that meant the addition of the Black Market, and this week it’s COD Points, the series’ microtransaction currency. These points will allow players to simply buy tiers of the Black Market if they would like, since grinding through all 200 tiers of cosmetic rewards is going to take a lot of playtime. The currency will also allow players to buy extra Nebulium Plasma in the game’s Zombies mode, which unlocks specific perks that are usable only there.

COD Points will also allow players to unlock something called Special Orders, which are an entirely new set of cosmetic rewards for Black Ops 4. These rewards are tied to the Black Market and will place extra rewards at certain tiers. So, if you make it to a certain tier level in the Black Market, you’ll unlock the Black Market reward, as well as whatever Special Order reward was tied to that tier. It would appear that these Special Orders will only be tied to a few tiers at once and will rotate through the store frequently, but once you’ve bought one you’ll keep it forever.

Just like the Black Market earlier in the month, COD Points are only available on PlayStation 4 for now but will go live on Windows PC and Xbox One next week.

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