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Super Mario Party shines in low-key week for Switch eShop

This weekend, it’s time to party

super mario party group shot Nd Cube/Nintendo

It’s a party up in Nintendo Switch eShop this week, thanks to Mario Party’s first Nintendo Switch game. Super Mario Party is the biggest name in a lineup that consists of few in-demand titles, although it’s actually not the only party game hitting the storefront.

Fun fact: There are three different “parties” on the eShop as part of this latest update. We’ve got Hardway Party, which is a bridge-building party for cars. It’s an arcade racing game, based on its description, although there are also missions involving dragons and zombies. This sounds like a party with a certain kind of attendee in mind.

If that’s not your type of party — and no party is, in fact — there’s also Party Crashers, which is ... also a racing game. Apparently this is actually the week of vehicular hangouts, since this is a game where tracks are foiled by bananas and cars destroy each other on the track.

For those of us who like a more traditional good time, there’s obviously Super Mario Party. We’ve had a lot of fun with the game already, calling it the freshest take on the formula in several years. New modes capitalize on Switch technology better than expected, and even the frustrating board game bit feels more fun thanks to a new array of mini-games.

Otherwise, games like the first Disgaea and the remastered Mark of the Ninja have also arrived. The full list is below.

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