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Shadow Warrior 2 is free on right now

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Treat yourself to something special

shadow warrior 2 is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, and it’s giving away copies of Shadow Warrior 2 to make the celebration special. You can head over to the game’s official page to grab your free copy, but I wouldn’t put it off; the game will only be available for free until Oct. 6.

But is it good?

“Shadow Warrior 2 is a game about slicing and shooting through hordes of monsters and soldiers,” our original review stated. “It’s about as classic a setup as the shooter genre has in that regard. A player itching to hack up some demons could do a lot worse. But everything else about Shadow Warrior 2 feels hollow. The characters are lifeless, the jokes aren’t funny, the story is worthless, and the levels are repetitive.”

So ... it’s not the best? But Shadow Warrior 2 is a perfectly fine diversion for a rainy weekend when you don’t have anything else to play on your PC, and again, you can’t beat the price. Go grab your copy before the deadline.