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Battlefield 5 launch maps range from North Africa to frozen Scandinavian peaks

Plus details on the first post-launch map, set in Belgium

Today, DICE unveiled the complete list of maps that will be available at the launch of Battlefield 5. These eight locations, which range from arid North Africa to the frigid mountains of Scandinavia, will serve as the jumping off point for the game’s ambitious goal to tell the complete story of World War II’s forgotten battles.

The announcement was accompanied by a trailer, which we’ve embedded above, and a series of in-depth blog posts.

The montage begins in North Africa on a map called Hamada. While not a reference to a specific location, the name refers to an arid biome common in that region. Hamada will be the largest map available at launch and, as such, is designed for armor battles. Features include steep canyons and narrow stone causeways. Aerodrome, also set in North Africa, is set in and around a ruined Axis airfield.

Twisted Steel is set in France. Fans may remember it as the backdrop for Battlefield 5’s premiere trailer in May. The map takes place in a marshland area surmounted by a massive steel bridge, a centerpiece said to be the largest single structure ever created for a Battlefield game, and will support combat above on its road surface and in the fields below.

A graphic showing the eight launch maps for Battlefield 5 and the first post-launch map. DICE/Electronic Arts

A second map, Arras, is named after the city in the Pas-de-Calais region of Northern France. That city, lodged in a wedge of land between the English Channel and the Belgian border, was the scene of some of WWII’s earliest battles. As such, the landscape is still unspoiled and green. Hand-to-hand fighting will take place in leftover WWI-era trench lines and dense woods, while the area is overlooked by a central church perfect for snipers.

Two maps are set in Rotterdam, Holland. The first, simply called Rotterdam, has a focus on urban combat including several multi-story buildings perfect for concealed firing positions. Devastation is a more infantry-focused map, taking place after the city itself has been destroyed by weeks of fighting.

Finally, there are two maps set in Norway. The first, called Narvik, is modeled after the historical look and feel of that city on the eve of Nazi Germany’s 1940 invasion. The traditional, combined-arms fighting available there made it a good choice as one of the first maps shown to the public. It was playable at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles. Fjell 652, on the other hand, is a departure for the Battlefield series. The high mountain peaks will have wild changes in weather that will limit visibility. The core includes multiple structure for infantry to fight over while fighter planes duel overhead.

After launch are other maps, including Panzerstorm, is said to be set in the Belgian countryside. The goal is to model the first major tank battle of WWII. That map will arrive some time after launch as part of DICE’s Tides of War, a seasonal and free influx of new content planned for the months and years after launch.

Battlefield 5 launches officially on Nov. 20, but players can access the game as early as Nov. 9 through an EA Access or Origin Access subscription. The deluxe edition of the game grants access to Battlefield 5 on Nov. 15.

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