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This week’s Nintendo Switch eShop update brings ports for everyone

From the dark Diablo 3 to the fun party game Brawlhalla, there’s something for everyone

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This week’s Nintendo Switch eShop update adds a wide variety of ports of favorite games. Regardless of what kinds of games you like, there is probably something on this list for you. There is a lot of other good stuff to fill that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate void until its launch, after Nintendo pumped us up for it this morning.

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection launches on Nov. 2 with a lot of bonuses based off of The Legend of Zelda series. You can have a Cucco companion, a Triforce portrait frame and a special transmogrification set that allows you to wear Ganondorf’s armor. The Switch version of Diablo 3 is a great, portable way to play the classic game, so if you’re itching to grind, this is for you.

Coming to Switch on Nov. 5 is Moonlighter, a beautiful pixel-art game, where you collect loot from dungeons and play the market, selling them in your own shop. You adjust the prices to find the perfect amount to sell your treasures for and you get to fight monsters in a dungeon. It isn’t tremendously long, but there are lots of ways to play and beat this game, making it a good bite for the Switch. (One day I’ll get the achievement for beating all the bosses with the broom. Today is not that day.)

World of Final Fantasy Maxima is on Nov. 6. This is an expanded version of 2016’s World of Final Fantasy, which is what you get if you combine Pokémon with Final Fantasy. You add familiar monsters and heroes to your party and use them in turn-based combat. The catch is that all these allies have different sizes and you have to ... stack them on top of each other? You have to distribute weight from the monsters well, or else they’ll topple over and cost you in a fight. It’s certainly a cute take on Final Fantasy and could be for you, if you’re itching for an RPG to play.

Other favorites coming to Switch include Brawlhalla, which is a Smash-like multiplayer fighter game, and Transistor, a beautiful indie puzzle game that just about everyone on the planet loves.

The full lineup is below.

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