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NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat swap soundboards, and it kinda works

Mr. Boomshakalaka calls another Midway classic

This is an ancient video (2012, which in Internet years is a week older than coal) but it’s new to me. Reyan Ali, author of a forthcoming book about NBA Jam (from Boss Fight Books — those guys again!) unearthed it yesterday. This is an NBA Jam soundboard plugged into another arcade mainstay of the times, Mortal Kombat. The result is Mr. Boomshakalaka Tim Kitzrow calling the fight in a most absurd way.

As you can tell, this is a straight swap with no other work, so it’s not like someone modded this to try to match up NBA Jam’s sound bites with Mortal Kombat’s. Still, there are moments where things seem to match.

“Pass to [Christian] Laettner!” Kitzrow says as Kano kanoballs in Sub-Zero. His uppercut is “Nuggets!”; Sub-Zero’s is “to [Vlade] Divac!” The most apropos call is for Kano’s fatality: “Get that outta here!” Kitzrow says as Kano tears out Sub-Zero’s heart. And I’m sure Shawn Bradley appreciates being the name introducing every fight.

Mortal Kombat (1992) and NBA Jam (1993) were both developed and published by Midway, so I guess it makes sense their hardware is swappable like this. Of course, now we need to run this back and see what NBA Jam plays like with MK’s board installed. Fingers crossed that “Finish him!” is reserved for a slam dunk.

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