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Star Citizen’s 3.3 alpha rolls out to all players

Will be followed very soon by version 3.3.5

star citizen 3.3.0 alpha u/ReCyphr on Reddit
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Star Citizen’s 3.3 update has now gone live to all donors, after a run on public test servers last month. The patch delivers several new features, including new missions, combat AI to the first-person shooter module, and voice and face over IP communication.

But users within the Star Citizen subreddit say they are most pleased with the game’s performance now. Many say the framerate has improved to respectable levels (some going so far as to say they get better performance than in Battlefield 5). “I watched in chat as people grouped up to fill up Hammerheads and do some gang PVP,” said one player. “I spawned my loaner 600i and flew it to Daymar. I just landed it and walked around, but the seamlessness of the experience was really awesome.”

Cloud Imperium Games is now publicly sharing the telemetry it gathers every hour from those playing Star Citizen, showing how the game is performing across the board among the installation base. Users are dropping screenshots of what they’re seeing into this thread and there are already images of what’s been seen in the 3.3.5 update, which is in a public test environment right now. A new planet, Hurston, and its Lorville landing zone shown off in a multiplayer demo at CitizenCon 2018, will arrive with that update.

Star Citizen is currenty about $400,000 shy of raising $200 million in crowd funding since 2012. But the Star Citizen project has no longer committed to a full release date, either for its multiplayer universe or the singleplayer Squadron 42.

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